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1. Beautiful Things

Yesterday I made a turquoise and jasper necklace, some freshwater pearl earrings in an amazing teal blue colour, and a terribly pretty stone bracelet with blue/green jasper and Bali filigree silver beads. Yes, I finally gave into my huge desire to make glittery things, and went and bought lots of raw ingredients for making.

All very well, but I only have one neck, and limited going-out opportunities. Also, the things I like making are so high-end that I've realised I may actually have to sell some of it. Hmm. Coming soon, to a convention near you...

2. Procrastination and the day of Reckoning

Of course all this was really designed to prevent any work-related progress, because I finally got that day (the one that perhaps many of us think of, continually postponed to some day when Current Difficulties subside) when we are going to think about The Future and what we are Bloody Well Going to Do Now. Ow, but it's painful. It was so much easier to be swept along by the tide, rather than tie on and try to move in a different direction.

It's kind of happening, though. I met up with the usual suspects earlier in the week, both emerging briefly from work hell, and was struck by how debilitating overwork is: you can't think beyond it or round it. I'm not overworked; I'm all recharged. I've even tidied my desk. For once, I want to do and engage and produce, rather more than to dribble away all those spare hours to surfing and viewing and eating badly.

For years I used to think 'what should I be doing with my life' but I think I've now evolved to the point where the question is more 'you know exactly what you should be doing with your life, so why aren't you doing it?'

Gosh. All of this from a clean desk and some silver jewellery. Tomorrow I think I will tidy the rest of my office. Also, maybe make some Celtic silver spirals, sign up for that silver clay course. I'm thinking of stone bracelets with handmade silver charms. What do you reckon?


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