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I took P. to see Twilight this afternoon.


I thought it was awesome. So did he. *facepalm to the nth*

There were about 20 people in the theatre, most of them 14 year old girls. P. was awestruck with happiness when I told him they're making another one. He thought it was 'kind of cool.' I think it's partly because Twilight takes its emo subject matter very very seriously.

Oh God, I also fancied Robert Pattinson in it. Somebody save me.

In other news, I fail at Christmas. Thank you to [personal profile] yanks_02and <lj user="infinitemonkeys"> for cards and such. I have just about managed to send 6 corporate Christmas cards; I think I've bought all the family stuff, but it's hidden over half the house and I don't think I will ever find some of it again; and the house is a HUGE HIDEOUS MESS where I actually don't know where to start. Seriously. Piles. of. appalling. crap. EVERYWHERE.

to the tune of In the Bleak Midwinter

Crap was piiiiled
Crap on crap
Cra-ap o-on cra-ap
In the bleak Parthenia house
Just a moment ago...

What can I give her
Poor as I am?
If I were a clutter consultant
I would hand her a dustpan...

(Oh fuckety fuckety arse. *cries*)

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I'm half-way through the second book in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series and now alternating between reckless enjoyment and appalled horror.

The online world of Twilight is also split right down the middle. I have had a terribly happy time reading all about the filming of the movie (for what it's worth, I think RPattz is perfect) on various fansites; and then I came across various blogs, some fan message boards, and helloooo, I need icons...

...and then some OMG COMPLEEEET MEANIE on my f-list linked me to [ profile] buttfacemakani's recent sporking of Twilight; and from there I discovered the evul shadow world of Twilight-baiting, something which reaches its zenith on (userinfo is NSFW, but visible entries are ok) [ profile] ontd_twatlight and the Twatlight Post Secret entry (fairly safe for work)from the same comm. Not forgetting [ profile] rpattz_trufax. U HORS.

From the 'real but worrying camp' you can put TwilightMoms whose message board has the most hilarious requirements for membership ever.

I can't make up my mind whether [ profile] edward_dazzles is real or fake. This lady prefers to think of Gaspard Ulliel as Edmund, and has the wallpaper and images (ooh and the icons to prove it, along with a gloriously hardcore emo fanmix (Creed's horrifying One Last Breath, for example). Yeah, I can get behind all that that, except of course Gaspard is busy being the angel Xas in an deeply sexy packed with UST arthouse movie.

Still, you have got to love an author who puts up a companion chapter (Ch1 of Book 1 from Edward's POV) up on her website along with her own personal fanmix.

So. Mitchell (from Being Human plz see icon kthx) or Edward, eh? I suppose it depends on whether you like your vampires lank or sparkly. Brooding comes as standard.

*ignores thoughts of crossover*
*completely tries to forget the phrase 'glittery cock'*

How are you all?


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