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1. I would really like some large illuminated letters like in this lovely photo and some time to go and finish painting play stylist in my own home. Which currently looks like a bomb site.

2. Am consumed by work. As you can see.

3. It is no fun being essentially a high-performing introvert. I'm running workshops this week which are being filmed and viewed and it's sooooo draining. Am having to heavily resist the urge to apologise to the client for the dullness of the sessions. *sigh*

4. Am re-reading the Deathly Hallows for about the third time. Some observations, in no particular order:

a. My God, it really is all about the Trio in general and Harry and Hermione in particular: the ultimate, platonic OTP. Finally, I understand the Harmonians. Well, a bit.

b. I keep thinking about how amazing the film(s) will look. The bit where Harry dives into the frozen pond to retrieve the Sword of Gryffindor and has to be rescued by Ron; the escape of the Trio from Gringotts on a pale, scarred dragon; Luna's house and the leap from the window of the exploding house; the snowy scenes in the graveyard at Godrics Hollow on Christmas Eve (H/H4Eva!); the flashbacks to Dumbledore's youth, which I am imagining in Sound of Music technicolor (LOL)... it's going to be awesome.

c. The Dumbledore backstory needs a film of its own. Who on earth is going to play young!Grindelwald, eh? I finally understood all the intricacies of that plot, which I'd missed on previous whiz-throughs. I'm taking it there is, out there somewhere, a very good Albus/Gellert fanfic novel? Because seriously, there should be. The story of Albus, his family, Ariana, Aberforth and the charismatic Gellert? Plz to be pointing me. The Life and Loves of Albus Dumbledore, for example, the ultimate biography with archive photographs. A Shoebox Project sort of thing, that would do nicely.

d. One of my let-downs with the HP fan circles that I know of know on LJ is that so many people seem really fixed on a single fan story or a single pairing; or are addicted to the slash aesthetic way to the exclusion of the original story and that's a bit sad, really. There are some great stories in Deathly Hallows that could be told, and I hope they have been, somewhere.

e. I mean, great that there are fanfic fests like [ profile] hd_worldcup but my God, H/D is dead in the water. I'm not sure anyone can actually write a plot about those two that would actually interest me. The Draco-meets-Luna story at Malfoy Manor - now that would be interesting. I would even like to read some emo (gen) Snape stories, about him being appointed headmaster, and about the Sword of Gryffindor. Possibly Snape and Ginny arguing.

f. I love the moral ambiguity of 'For the Greater Good', adopted by both sides.

g. Ah, basically, I love the Hallows plot, and I still have another third of it to read. God, it's great having a bad memory! Fresh every time!

5. I need some new icons, desperately. Although, congratulations to Cate, my muse, default icon and willowy, fecund alter ego.


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