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Are the stars in some sort of especially ugly alignment right now? So yesterday, I posted my merry return-to-form LJ item, and then almost immediately got a call from kids' club about E. being ill. Brought them home (no work), and well, what with one thing and another, ended up shouting at everyone and melting into a great big teary tantrum at about 7 pm.

Indeed, my meltdown was so awesomely, incredibly, majorly epic, I was beginning to slightly fear for my own mental health. B. brought me dinner in bed and E. brought me her softest teddy bear to cuddle. Anyway, cut to 11 pm and P. made a kind of sqeak from his bed, and that was the first of several bouts of sickness...

Bit of a sleepless night.

He's off school today and I either have a milder version of what he's got or alternatively, have yet another overdose of empathy-created illness. Good job I never tried to be a medic.

Anyway. Two things, no three:

1) Any recs for fanfic from HP or (gasp) Torchwood? Canon compliant, long, awesomely good?

2) Can I interest any of you good folk in a spare ticket for the Fratellis this coming Friday at the Albert Hall?

3) E. had her birthday and I made an overcompensating cake of purple awesomeness:cakiness below )


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