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You know what? I have too much work.

There. I actually thought I would never say that in my life ever again, but there you go. Famine turned into feast, and feast turned into Dionysian banquet with gold-plated vomitorium although by the and of July we shall probably be down to scraps again.

In between, there was a week at half term in Scotland, with a very wonderful farmhouse in mid-Argyll, and two friends, two kids and two dogs: hoping to get some proper photos soon and then I can write about it more. It was lovely. I spent the Jubilee bank holiday sitting on a white sand beach looking out to the Paps of Jura and wishing I'd brought some suntan lotion with me. Yes. And I saw some seals, a sea eagle and a minke whale. Still hearing this in my head as a furry cetacean (minky whale?).

Little E. got bullied and then hit them, and then told everyone, and vengeance was wrought by the various forces of school and afterschool club oh yes indeedy.

This week: work work work MEGAWORK work work FFS more work.

Tomorrow: back to Scotland for a long weekend visiting, er, my Alma Mater, whoever she is. I have booked myself and my friend into various scary-sounding college reunion events, but we mostly wish to rediscover the cake shops.

I have not packed but I have my train tickets and my toothbrush. If all else fails, I can buy some pants in Edinburgh.

After I come back I wish to hunt down Ruric and Ravurian, with my new found PAID INVOICES (hahahaha, that's still coming) and actually go out, or chase them. Or indeed anyone else out there. I have been reading faithfully but very briefly in between work work work aargh.

Back soon.
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