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I fell in love with a new band at the Reading Festival. New to me, that is. After we ran away from the anarchy of the Prodgy's set, we wound up in the Radio 1 tent, which was half-full, listening to an intense young man from an intense band. They were wonderful, causing that hairs-on-the-back-of-the-spine reaction that I always get when first I fall. (Mostly this means they will be deeply successful, with the odd exception *cough* Delays *cough*

When I Googled them, I found that everyone (=rock press) hates them for being, er, somewhat catchy and a bit like Interpol or Joy Division. Which they are. Indeed, their lyrics are hilariously gloomy, but the delivery is euphoric and blissed-out. And the lead singer is gorgeous.

So: I give you 'Death', which is considerably more cheerful than it sounds. Although, not by much.

'I live on the right side, I sleep on the left,
And everything's got to be love or deaaaaaaaaath...'

Ooh, they've added another Brixton date. *plots*

Aaaalso, I think this particular song requires vidding. Not least, a fanvid of the future Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, because there are bits that remind me of the scene in the forest, and I think it could be really cheesy beautiful.

I may need an intervention.


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