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I wrote a locked post the other day about feminism, slash and anti-male sentiment. I locked it because I have come to fear the general response to the f-word. You know, I love reading meta, and I adore reading the academic ponderings of various LJ and non-LJ luminaries on fan creation and fan communities, but recently my main reaction has been 'Oh, for fuck's sake.'

You know, to quote [ profile] oursin, it's always more complicated. I hold a whole set of moderately conflicting opinions on LJ topics du jour right now, including:

1. A certain queasiness that the new Fanlib fanfiction archive is apparently entirely run by men;

2. Mild recoiling at the detail on that Mary-Jane statuette thingy with MJ poking her arse out;

3. A fervent dislike for some of the nasty, ridiculous anti-male rhetoric that I've come across recently.

I came across this external blog via a Metafandom link yesterday, and I have very nearly replied to the writer, but what's the point? Looking back through the posts, everyone who disagrees is coldly slammed down; every man who comments - troll or would-be acolyte - is reinterpreted as part of the Giant Phallic Conspiracy. It's moronic and hypocritical, the hostility drips from the screen, and I don't want to be any part of it, even if I *have* got a glittery hoo-ha.

Why can't we talk about problematic aspects of slash without it immediately descending into 'Is it cuz I is female'? Actually, sometimes it's not.

The twinkly bearded academic/minor god, Henry Jenkins has written today about hosting a more general discussion between male and female SF/F fans and I think that's great. I mean, the mainstream thinks he's sad and she's weird. I like his blog a lot, because it does a lot of integrating with broader issues. I am sure he'll be disemvowelled by someone for doing it, but good luck to him.

Also, if anyone challenges me on my feminist credentials, I will fight them. *glares*


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