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Weekend in bullets:

  • Saturday went and had a very pleasant lunch in London with 3 of my M.Sc. chums from way back when.

  • After lunch, I zoomed to Marylebone High St and secured a new bottle of Fresh's soy shampoo, which I bought last time I was in Boston and am completely addicted to. Fresh has about 5 branches; it sells terribly expensive smelly things, but OMG everything it sells has the most mouthwatering scent. I grabbed the shampoo, completely relieved that they hadn't gone out of business cos of the credit crunch. I may then, er, have bought a few more things.

  • Went across the road to Aveda OMFG and bought a teeny bottle of Smooth Infusions which is a very wonderful leave-in conditioner. My hair is perkier than it has been in weeks, even if I do need a second mortgage to pay for the product.

  • Pottered into Skandium and didn't buy anything. Ha! Mai willpowa, I showz you it.

    Salesman: 'Can I help you with anything, madam?'
    Me, wistfully: 'I'd like everything in the shop shipped to my home please.'
    Salesman, smoothly, 'Well, we can arrange that quite easily, madam...'

  • ...blah blah Saturday night, Sunday...

  • Today went with Little E and her best friend Evil Little M and little M's parents to nearby stately home, in the freezing bloody cold. The entire day was like being stuck in M&S's food section down by the yoghurts without a proper coat. I shall gloss over the day itself. We survived. We queued for about a hundred years for indifferent English Heritage food. We saw stuffed animals. We ate stuffed potatoes. We talked to people who were pretending to be 19th century cooks. No one was thrown out of the stately home, although it was not for want of trying.

  • Came back and ate pie with P. while watching Primeval. LOL. I explained the plot of Coraline to him: the distant, useless, computer-loving parents (P: 'So, not related to my life in any way?'), the evil mother with the button eye, etc etc and then P. said, 'So, basically like Saw 5 but for toddlers?'

    Which pretty much covers it.
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Spent much of the weekend in a fearsomely bad mood, yelling at everyone. Better now. Probably.

Five random things:

1. Currently addicted to the absolutely splendid thing that is Radio Paradise, a US internet radio station, ad-free, with the most wonderfully eclectic style. They play everything, in a seamless mix which is just incredibly interesting and quirky. Every so often I have to leap and go check the singer/the song.

2. Song on replay One of those was someone I clearly overlooked in their heyday - the band James, playing Laid which also comes with a ...very strange (in a funny way) cross-dressed video. I defy you not to sing along. Or dance in a mid-90s way.

'this bed is on FIRE la lalalala la'

3. Joolery

I made this necklace yesterday - oxidised silver, jasper and cultured pearl. The pendant is by a local silversmith. Beads by me.

I now have a grand urge to make some more, but to do that I need to go and score buy some rocks. I rather fancy going on a precious metal clay course so I can make my own silver charms and then it's my Etsy shop and world domination.

Er. Yes.

4. Books Have been reading next to nothing recently, but I loved Sunshine, which is - wait for it - about a girl and a vampire. And a bakery. The Amazon summary is deeply inaccurate but the first review is a good summary of my reaction.

While it's not perfect (first 15 or so pages are execrable), the core story of Sunshine and the vampire is beautifully done and the description of magical practice is second to none. It's all set in an alternate-reality present day, where Dark creatures are everywhere. This has been out for a while so I dare say you all know it already, but at its best it gives a hint of what Twilight could have been. What I love, compared to Twilight, is that Sunshine can hardly describe the vampire, who is dark and formless and extremely frightening. He does not sparkle at all. Ever.

5.From the Department of I Don't Know Where to Start With This One, Exactly: In today's Guardian, Germaine Greer has an entire article devoted to criticising randomly bitching about Michelle Obama's dress sense.

You are welcome to send in your own suggestions for alternative critiques by persons well out of their zone of expertise. Gordon Brown on indie rock, perhaps.
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Finally went to the dentist to sort out a new veneer for one of my front teeth. The old one cracked in half when I was eating a muesli bar. That'll teach me to dabble with health food.

More on fangs, bits of bleargh, fashion notes )

Terribly Creative Meme

Finally, I've been persuaded to try out the Invent Me meme, nicked from [ profile] ravurian

Invent a memory of me and post it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it's something that's never happened. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people would like to remember of you, only the universe failed to cooperate in making it happen so they had to make it up instead.

Go ahead, invent me.


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