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Happy Birthday to [ profile] oursin, champion of the IAMC world view (=It's always more complicated', as opposed to IDSR ='It's Dead Simple Really').

Also, unsung creator of literary and academic LOLcats.


On being a groan up blogger
I've spent some time recently on making my work blog go live, all in an effort to meet more people in my area and pick up some new clients. I have a account at long last, and I've been playing with feedreaders in order to subscribe to the blogs of other professionals or indeed dilettante wannabees, and so keep abreast of Current Thinking.

It's absolutely exhausting. The things I want to read are hugely scattered across different platforms, so if you ever want to comment you need about a dozen identities - but mostly, with a couple of exceptions, people don't comment to these blogs, ever. Compared to Livejournal, it's like shouting down a well. (Mind you LJ has that quality today) I think people read them - it's just that once they read them, they creep very quietly away on internet tippytoes.

I'm using Wordpress, which feels like a rather cool and moderately trendy café. Wordpress users are clever, articulate and rather lovely young professionals just like me. *cough* Great. But no friendspage, and no threading of comments. Hard work.

I'm also using Facebook a bit. Really, the more I use Facebook, the more it feels like the premise behind a Dr Who episode - you know, one of the ones with the friendly in-your-ear technology which eventually goes postal and reveals itself to be an intergalactic conspiracy led by robots with knives for fingers.

Parthenia: *clicks on shiny pretty widget*
Facebook Widget: "By clicking on this link you agree to share your identity with Cybus Industries who may later shred your brain to ribbons. Proceed? Cancel?"
Parthenia: *runs away widgetless*

It's MySpace for the middle class masses, and those widgets are harvesting your eyeballs, man, for the advertisers. Can't make up my mind if it will collapse in flames or just turn out to be this year's fad. Doesn't mean I won't use it (see IAMC, above).

Feedreaders, RSS aggregators and the like

They absolutely stink. Haven't found anything I really like. GoogleReader crashes me, because I use a different Gmail identity to the fannish one. The others (like Netvibes) seem to load in blocks, and I don't want to read the last 10 headings from one source before another... Any other recommendations? Or should I shell out for another LJ account for CorpoParthenia?

Dear God, I'm dull. Never mind. It will lead to money and fame eventually.


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