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Back from holiday and weirdly poised between the glory of the summer holidays and the trainwreck that is likely to be the upcoming school year.


So first: 10 days in Italy, in our favourite agriturismo, lazing by the pool, enjoying fabulous weather and eating All The Things.

Not much to say there except perhaps to let out a gentle burp.

We went for dinner at the agroturismo rather more than usual. They know Young E by now and they are more than happy to cater for her. This means eggfree fresh pasta, eggfree things in eggfree batter, eggfree lasagne, eggfree apple danish, panna cotta, and (rather memorably) eggfree croissants, delivered to the apartment door as compensation for the fact that she couldn't eat her dad's specially made birthday fruit tart.

They are quite wonderful cooks and so very kind.

So, I have come home somewhat inspired, and in the last 2 days we have made fresh pasta (fie on you, Jamie Oliver, for leaving out some important instructions) and pizza margareta (all hail Maxine Clark's Italian Kitchen, which is a splendid cookbook). Upcoming: foccacia; our second go at fresh pasta, now with the proper flour; antipasti; possibly a vat of Limoncello. Also, I need to reinvent eggless ricotta-mascarpone cheesecake (layers of sponge, pale custardy cream, and a thin, set layer of apricot).

*iz overambitious*


This week, Young E is at summer school, an interim programme like her. She is awesome at the moment. She now has all her school uniform (with fashion amendments), ready to go. She has a new mobile phone and has downloaded lots of music. At the weekend, we bought her a new bike to replace her tiny falling-apart bike, and so today she made her packed lunch and rode off to summer school by herself. She came back very happy, in the pouring rain without a coat, and let herself in with her new keys. OMG my baby. Mibble.

In another part of the forest Young P. is contemplating his GCSE year by joining 2 football clubs. I am really quite worried about this year, so I have decided to cook our way through it. 


Going to be an interesting year, I think.

Date: 2012-08-29 10:51 pm (UTC)
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Glad the holiday went without hitch this time and you all had a hopefully very relaxing time!

Your aim of cooking ALL the Italian things is making me hungry. *G*

Going to be an interesting year, I think.

Interesting good or interesting ominous?!


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