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[ profile] pandarus has a heartfelt and complex take on the most recent LJ kerfuffle. (Bear in mind that I'm going entirely on hearsay - I have no idea what the banned journals were like). I'm commenting here because I realised that I was avoiding commenting to as not to upset anyone, which is, y'know, bollocks really.

The current arguments make me really uncomfortable. I'm OK, I suppose, with my personal line in the sand, but there are parts of fandom that do trouble me and I know damned well would deeply trouble outsiders or indeed my family.

Personally I find explicit fanart nervewracking at the best of times, however expertly rendered. That goes about treble for HP fanart and about a gadzillion for Snape/Harry. On the whole, I won't click a link to any fanart unless I am completly sure that I'd be happy to have that image linked to me and my IP address. Of course, now that Deathly Hallows is out I'm actually quite keen to find some gen. art (we Brits have art-free editions) but I am terrified to Google it or indeed look on archives in case what I actually turn up is, in someone's immortal phrase, Draco Malfoy's weeping cock. Seriously.

I have to say, I also think of the children. It's not fashionable, but jeez, I really don't want my Google-literate son, currently finishing Book 7, surfing Youtube happily, to start looking for fanart or fanfic and stumbling over the highly adult images and stories that are out there.

I think LJ/6A are hamfisted, yes, and maddeningly vague, but at the same time I don't particularly want to have to sod off to Weirdjournal out of a misplaced sense of kinship with a bunch of fans whose artistic subjects, and literary tastes bother me hugely. There is a kind of code of honour thing going on here, where we are tolerant of our neighbours and their predilection for Slytherin dungeonporn and they in turn don't condemn us, but...

...we can be very, very creepy. Creepy, sleazy and, you know, unprofitable. (Now there's a winning combination). I'm not saying divide and rule but I'd like people to be careful about what it is, exactly, that they're defending, rather than rushing in, guns blazing.

OK, defriend at will. *sigh*

ETABleargh, I finally got round to reading some of the comments on [ profile] lj_biz, and I really don't know what to think about any of it. Bottom line, I suppose: this kind of fanart's fair game for anyone keen on finding online obscenity, but how fair this was, I still have no idea. If it featured older teenagers, well, tacky but just XXX and drawings for heaven's sake. If younger? You're on your own.

Are LJ acting like complete tossers in not explaining or justifying? Yes.


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