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Great heavens, this is a complicated week. I feel like the mumsy Harriet character in Green Wing, who pulls giant colour-coded planners out of her handbag to figure out where her children are. And then misses a detail.

For reasons too complicated to explore, B is in Paris all week (insert swearing about now)and has been there since Saturday. Yesterday, in spite of this minor inconvenience, I dropped the kids at school, and then by the grace of East Midlands railways did one interview and 2 workshops yesterday, in Mansfield and Notingham. 7 hours interviewing/facilitating, 8 hours travel. Back midnight to sleepy Organic Babysitter. Gah. Organic Babysitter is organic. Also, likes bedtimes. Dislikes children. *sigh*

Workety work...We ran out of chairs for my second student workshop, so I sat on the floor; and then I made them draw pretty pictures on flipchart paper, at which point they all sat (or lay) on the floor surrounded by paper and coloured markers, like giant spotty toddlers. It worked, I think, but to paraphrase River Song, good grief they're hard work young.

Today and tomorrow...well, it's enough to say that I'm now contemplating one of those WW2 tables with Army gels pushing models of battleships around a map of the North Atlantic. Tomorrow at 7 am, I'm going to North Yorkshire for a corporate awaydayandahalf, and so our other babysitter is going to sleep over, E is going this way, P is going that way, it all needs to join up in the middle and we need keys pyjamas clean pants pizzas Epipens mobile phones suitcases full of cash AAARGH I need pyjamas too (and a toothbrush that hasn't been given to the gerbils) AND AND and then I have to write up all this bloody work stuff while I'm on the train and and AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I will be back on Friday at midnight.

Also, I have the name SUZANNE written on my notepad in big letters. *scratches head* Oh! OK.

In other news: Chardonnay makes me narky. *glares around*


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