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Happy Birthday to [ profile] geoviki and congratulations on reaching the KMA stage. I hope you had a fantabulous birthday.

Also thank you to [ profile] cromarty for a very cute Christmas card that pinged through my letter box. I was too craven to offer cards to people because I usually end up doing my own at the absolute 11th hour. Thank you.

Musings about work and career change

I had a whole week's worth of musings and suchlike to share but now I've forgotten the lot. Wait! Here you go. Just the kind of thing you're ready to read at Christmas.

I was strongly tempted to do a module in Career Counselling, which my old institution is offering as a diploma course. Besides the expense and suchlike, I think my motivation's all wrong. I see friends struggling in nasty, dull or just plain wrong jobs, and from the outside, it's absolutely clear. Dead simple. Get a new job. Find out what you love doing, find out what your skills are, find out whether you can make a bridge between where you are now and what you'd like to do...and GO AFTER IT. Dammit.

Life's too short.

I suspect Lesson Number One in counselling would be 'You can't fix people.' I'd like to, though. I would sprinkle magical fairy dust which would settle thickly on the psychic chains that shackle you, and they'd dissolve into thin air.

Ach. I think you have to find a way of dissolving your own shackles.

Today's sermon is concluded. No, wait, it isn't. There's a whole thing there about action and inaction, difficult constraints, dodgy self-beliefs, and the dead hand of depression. Unlocking the sequence is very hard and new action feels wrong.

It's possible though, it really is.

ETA This probably makes me sound like an annoying, judgemental, sanctimonious arse, but I'm (sort of) an occupational psychologist with interests in career development and career change and I can't turn that off. I like to think I'm responding like an orthopaedic surgeon surrounded by people with obvious knee injuries. (oops, I think I've strained a metaphor there).


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