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Sadly I didn't get to see singalong Hairspray yesterday for [ profile] ravurian's birthday, owing to cinema's thoughtless rescheduling; we went for a sedate drink instead (well, he did) and I erm. Well. I may have drunk far too much wine and garbled on at length...


I have a mouth like a lizard's arse this morning. And I still want to see Hairspray.

On some level, I think I must secretly crave being out of step with everyone. I'm still a mega HP fan, but I don't think i'm on the same page as everyone else. I've been reading around LJ, trying to find some fannish meta on Deathly Hallows, and I'm clearly in the wrong circles. I keep stumbling across the thoughts of all you who hated Book 7, which is not really where I'm at. Also been reading some discussions of 'where does this leave ??? (insert name of favourite fanon pairing here)' which is interesting. I think I may be done with slash in this universe, at least for the moment: I can't help but feel that lots of fanfic writers are stuck in a post Goblet of Fire/Order of the Phoenix fanon universe.

Mind you given my current lack of fanfic reading this is a bit of an Auntie Barbara comment (my husband's aunt who famously remarked one day that 'You don't see snails in the garden much these days do you?' and when her entire family said that yes actually they saw loads of snails all the time said, rather huffily, 'Well. I don't tend to go into the garden much these days.')

As I have remarked to various people recently, it feels to me as though there is a gigantic space for post-Deathly Hallow fanfic here, but personally, for me it would be gen. fanfic more than shippy fanfic. I know that lots of people like to ignore what happened, but I really like stuff that weaves in and out of canon rather than pretending it didn't happen. (and skipping on to slashing the next generation also feels like a copout, quite frankly. Unless you're [ profile] scoradh and can, you know, write).

Also, is it just me or is the fic title listing that you get on certain HP fanfic communities just marvellously, remarkably irrelevant? The very thought of some of the Merry Smutmas-style slash fic exchanges now being set up kind of makes my skin crawl. I'm sorry, but if you're still hoping to get people to write Harry/Draco fluffporn (or worse, Harry/Snape) in a post Deathly Hallows world, you really are living in an alternate universe.

Anyway. If you know of post HBP and DH stuff I really should be reading, or comms I should really be on, then let me know. Otherwise I shall have to trot back to Mugglenet and Fictionalley to get a proper fix of HP fan talk. At the end of the day, I think I'm a source fan, not a fanon fan.

Also, a hungover fan. *goes in search of ibuprofen*

ETA It's a bit like deciding you're a Doctor Who fan, and finding that everyone else is still stuck on discussing the glory days of Jon Pertwee and absolutely no one is interested in talking about David Tennant. Actually, I think this happens.


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