Jul. 6th, 2007 02:00 pm
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Went with The Usual Suspects to see Justin Timberlake at the new 02 stadium in Greenwich. My oh my the venue - I described it at the time as the bastard lovechild of Wembley Stadium and Bluewater (shopping mall), but there's more than a hint of Stansted Airport in the mix.

We were up in the gods, with a great but rather distant of the stage, Justin and his massive posse. There was a bizarre curved shower-curtain screen thing that went up and down, with back-projected images flashing up. Justin & co came on, danced wildly and hiphoply for a bit, then J would sit down and do noodly ballads to get his breath back.

Justin also kept appearing and reappearing from a circular hole in the stage, like a puppet down a plughole.

Could have done with a couple of massive screens, to be frank.

Also, while I'm whining, the management need to do something about the muddy, slightly quiet sound at that level. Why, yes, I do have a Ph.D in hearing research :D It was the first time I've ever heard a major single (Sexyback) being poorer live than on CD. Meh.

Still: Justin's dancing is awesome. He's shit at ballads, but gosh the boy (and his troupe) can dance, and it was worth it for that alone. Probably. Ooh: that and the amazing DJ-set-with-fanvid performed by Timbaland. I described the gig to [ profile] maygra as alternately thrilling, tedious, and hilarious.

Clearly if you can read this I am not on a corporate awayday tramping the rainy windswept hills of the Peak District. Er. Yes. Well.

Two things while I remember:

[ profile] ihasatardis on the perils of their recent companion casting decision (warning, big pic)

JK Rowling on tonight's Jonathan Ross show!! Aieee! (Also Gok Wan *coughworthitfirthatalonecough* )


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