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The unspoilery bit

Ah, Doctor Who. After a period of being, you know, pretty calm and uninvolved with the whole thing, I've suddenly tipped over from Casual Viewer to Feral Fan. I was a bit underwhelmed by the first few episodes in the series but then kaboom, it started to ratchet up and, even better all the episodes started to be connected to each other with clues and red herrings and stuff...and now everything is set up for the most humungous finale with lots of questions and mystery and drama and danger.


Honestly. Is there anything better than that swooshy feeling of space as you fall for something? (please don't contradict with messy counter-examples) That first moment as you put 'Gallifrey' into Google, and start feverishly revising the last 30 years on Wikipaedia; when you start downloading the podcasts and the fact sheets and watching David Tennant on anything you see; and then start digging up Life on Mars, because yes. John Simm. Wow.

And downloading icons!! YESSS. There are some good icons ([ profile] renestarko is awesome) but more are needed, and the last few eps have spawned so many iconable moments. You have the skills! Well, some of you.

*gets paper bag*

EEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!! If you haven't seen it? Get onto it AT ONCE. You won't regret it.

The spoilery bit

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So. Excited.

AND WHY WILL I BE IN SODDING DORSET ON SATURDAY????? (well I mean obviously I know why, but you know what I mean). MEHHHHHHHH.

PS Does this mean I'm a fanboy? *pushes copies of SFX under the bed*


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