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As I write, the entire contents of our living room/dining room have been squirrelled away in other parts of the house. We have the painters and decorators in! (pause for jokes)

Every last one of the many many items in these rooms, with the exception of the big ugly bits of furniture, had to go somewhere. We have now been arguing about paint colours, carpet, furniture, everything. Young P. thinks we should get rid of all the books, or hide them, and install a snooker table and a giant TV screen. B. would like it all entirely unchanged until the end of time kplzhateschangethx.

I have been a bit rubbish. I fell in with the colour (a warm, creamy white) suggested by the decorator, and I have merrily ripped out pages from magazines because actually I have a vision of off-white walls as a neutral backdrop to bright art...No matter how much other people attempt to dissuade me. I like the styles shown on this page from Living Etc - white backdrop but a lot of colour.

I've also been trying to think through how to reorganise the dining-room end of our knock-through living room, and it's giving me a headache. Have tried a planner site, but although it looks good, it's badly designed and keeps hanging on me. Google is not my friend on this AT ALL - any searches return rubbish, obvious designer guff. Do any of you know of good internet sites? Failing that I may need to put up photos and enlist your help.

Halp plz.


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