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From all the scribbles on your House of Talents, you will have unearthed lots of different fields of knowledge and many different associated skills. Not all skills are equal, though, and our feelings about our skills are very important.

Yesterday's exercise ended by getting you to look at what you'd forgotten. In today's exercise you'll look at the dark underbelly of all your skills. This exercise is also taken from John Lees' book. You'll need more paper: make some headings and scribble notes under each.

Unconscious skills

This one is the most important. You may need some input from other people in order to answer it. What things do you do really, really well, without even thinking? How do you make a difference to people that you work with or are friends with? If you don't know the answer to this one, ask some people. They'll know.Read more... )
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Ramblings about work and careers )

I was very old when I started all this career change stuff. ^^ No, no, career's probably too heavy a word for my own journey. I changed trajectory, I think.

Huh. So: two, no three, simple steps:
- work out what you'd be great at
- go after it
- lather, rinse, repeat. Listen, reflect, explore, adapt, beg.

Talent isn't in the desire-pay-demand list, which is interesting. What part does talent play?

I might follow up by posting more about the 'Identify your dream job' process and how to make it work. Might. I promised that ages ago, and didn't follow through, but now might be the time.

ETA: Will reply to those thoughtful comments later - chat amongst yourselves. I'm kind of intrigued by career-change stuff, as someone who's been through it and read a lot about it (from personal interest and in a semi-professional capacity); and I'd like to come with a Better Way. Ot at least, a version that suits more complicated lives.


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