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I have been keeping up with the news reports about the bushfires in Australia and just thinking of everyone on my f-list and beyond who is touched by this disaster.

I spent a month in Melbourne when P. was about 18 months old and we did endless day trips all around the region. I'm sure I remember going to Maryville and driving through all those beautiful scattered small towns.

I'm sure most of you have Aussies on your f-list and have seen links to the Australian Red Cross and other sites where you can donate. [ profile] thysanotus has a great set of links here.

Australian Red Cross

Salvation Army

Animal Aid (who are coordinating the rescue and housing of domestic animals displaced by the crisis and medical treatment of injured animals)

[ profile] meredyth_13 who as anyone knows is a great big soft animal lover, has been highlighting the plight of cattle and horses caught in the bushfires and she in particular is involved with a charity which is trying to save and rehouse horses.

To quote her:
"We are trying to ensure a coordinated and real response because this isn't just about animal welfare, this is about the hundreds / thousands of people who have lost their world, and trying to help them save their beloved horses and ponies at this time is the one thing we can do to try and easy the incredible emotional burden and stress. Re-housing and treating large animals in these conditions is incredibly hard. If you or your friends / colleagues / networks can assist, please share this with them ..."

She is heavily involved with TREW (Triple Equine Qelfare):

(Donate button is right at the bottom of the page)

And information on what they are doing:

Feel free to C&P the links and forward to folk in your own networks.

I don't think many of us can take in the sheer scale of this disaster. So many people have lost their lives, their families, and everything they own.


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