Sep. 2nd, 2008 12:57 pm
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Escorted a whey-faced 11-year old to his first day at secondary school. He's wearing so much polyester (new uniform) he crackles when he walks. I thought he'd want me out of the way very quickly, given how embarrassing I've become, but absolutely not. We were surrounded by bravely smiling parents trying to queue for no reason.

Yesterday was exhausting in its trivial way: shopping for pens and maths sets of the right kind (to avoid summary detention), locker padlocks, socks; sorting out a new alarm clock set to scary new time; ironing a trillion labels onto all the polyester uniform; triple-testing his phone in order to put it on silent (and avoid summary detention); writing nine million random cheques; discovering that B. had bought him black trousers from Gap, as opposed to navy blue; rushing out to Gap and buying up the last pair in town (yay).

Right at the last minute, we realised that the last-minute Internet shoe order (plain black, no logos whatsoever on pain of summary bloody detention) was lost in the post. Gah. Dilemma: cheap new shoes from Tesco, or paint over his old football trainers while we wait for the order to turn up, hahahaha...

He ended up inking out the giant white Nike ticks on a pair of too-small black trainers with a permanent marker.

Of course it rained today. *prays*

I sat on his bed last night and he told me how he was really worried about finding his way around. I pointed out that there were 120 of them in exactly the same boat.

'Yeah mum, but the ship is sinking.'

In other news, little E. (also anxious about school) told a random stranger yesterday that school is VERY difficult because you have to do joined-up writing. YES.

In other, other news: Is it very wrong of me to want to read the final Twilight books (I stalled towards the end of New Moon), just so I can a) read Stephenie Meyer's companion volume written from Edward's point of view and b) read [ profile] cleolinda's excellent sporking?


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