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 So my fantasy of posting lots of interesting and erudite snippets during January has pretty much vanished in the mist. Working full-time is exhausting. I'm enjoying it (at least I think I am) but it essentially demands that I turn into a slightly different type of person - ideally someone quite loud who talks quite fast and goes to lots of meetings.

My boss did my 6 month review, where the conclusion seemed to be that I was absolutely lovely BUT possibly a bit leisurely in my approach to reinventing the next wave of whatever it is we do, so could I kindly speed up.

It's true (although frankly I suspect it's a standard line) It was 12 years since I'd set foot in an office, and even longer since I worked in a place that had any sense of urgency.

I'm still finding it alien, although now it's less about the superficiality of clothes, and more about deeper expectations. My boss basically never reads an email attachment. Initially I thought this was lamentable, but I've had so much to do in the last 3 weeks that now I don't read email attachments either. We are, I think, required to perform our jobs. I talk faster and louder (still not loudly enough). I am absolutely flat out. 

I was going to add an amusing comment but graaarghh aargh I need my bed. Will attempt to continue more stream of consciousness posting.


Date: 2014-01-30 03:11 pm (UTC)
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Gosh. That all sounds very alien and very fascinating, as long as I am not the one whose bosses don't think they are being urgent enough. Do you actually have to be working at twice the speed or just look as if you are?


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