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I keep putting off posting because I feel if we wait just a little bit longer, I'll have loads to say. Instead of being in between many worlds.

1. We had friends over last night for a takeaway and I am now suffering a nasty wee hangover. It's the sort where all you are good for is washing dishes and doing ironing slowly.

2. Young P. has finished his exams and in about three days has reverted to the hollowed-out X-box drone that he was about 4 months ago. I miss Exam Boy, who got up smartly and went to bed on time. He has spent much of the last couple of months camped out in the local library, with occasional forays to the 24-hour library of our local ex-poly. Hanging around in the library of one of Britain's worst universities (his description not mine) seems to also have had a galvanising effect. He is aiming for better. Actually, he now has some vague idea of cause (study) and effect (results) so that's all good. I think.

3. Young E. deserves a post of her own really but highlights include her first love.

4. The dog is all right in himself.

5. I have fallen down the arts-and-crafts rabbithole. I cannot knit, so Ravelry is dead to me, but I can sew very badly indeed. I am doing an evening class, dressmaking for beginners, and am nearly finished making a skirt. I have made a few things in the past but they've always been terrible. Our sewing teacher makes theatrical costumes for a living, and confessed that she has a very successful line in pirate jackets which she sells in some piratical boutique in the south-west.

6. News of my dressmaking capabilities has prompted acquaintances to ask if I can fix their clothing. This is an odd feature of being able to do something practical - silversmithing throws up an unconscionable number of people who want you to solder their earrings back together. I think it may reflect badly on my artistic reputation. Did Coco Chanel's sister-in-law ask her if she could do some invisible mending?

7. I may be going to Scotland in the near future - my elderly uncle has died at the age of 94. Another long story, but my stepmum has been visiting him regularly for the last few years, and looking after his affairs. He was estranged from his son - indeed, we don't know where his son is - and had no other visitors apart from K and her little band of friends. She is such a good person.

8. I hardly saw my uncle or the rest of his family after I was 18, and when I visited with K. a few times, I don't think he really knew who I was. But when I was about 10 or 11 he was a jolly man who would bring my cousins over for a Saturday afternoon play. So I will go and support K. and that memory.

9. This is actually quite a lot to say, really. But I think a hangover-busting bacon sandwich needs to made. More soon.
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