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Various people have asked me to post more, and the only way this is going to happen is stream-of-consciousness, so sorry about that.

Little E has been off school most of this week with a coldy, fluey, chesty sort of bug. As she is very prone to chest infections, this means I get somewhat anxious and dose her up to the hilt. She is wilting on the sofa eating toasted crumpets. She was complaining about a sore tummy, but I have just calculated that she's eaten pretty much nothing for 2 days, and has been coughing in a hacking sort of way, so I think it's a case of not enough food and sore ribs. I am knackered though - she has woken in the middle of the night for the past few nights and so I have been making hot lemon at 3.30 am and trying to ignore the dog.

I finished my first ever jewellery commission, making some earrings for one of B.s colleagues. This has taken forever, while I buy glass and run test firings in the studio. Each firing takes about 10 hours to complete, so it's not exactly instant feedback. I ended up making some dangly two-tone earrings of garnet and black glass, suspended on a fine silver bail that I embedded in the earring before it was fired. Afterwards I shaped it and made some matching earwires, and the final effect was very nice.  The silver-embedding is a little bit hit-and-miss: it doesn't always work. The two-tone effect doesn't always work either so the whole damned thing is rather experimental right now.

(I would post a picture but Dreamwidth's photo settings confuse me, as do Flickr's. I have about 3 flickr accounts, tied to different iterations of my online self, but nothing that appears to link to the emails in my current computer of choice. Bah.)

I seem to have fallen in love with a craft that is really somewhat retro - precious few books, virtually no blogs, and supplies shops that feel as though they hit their peak in 1973 and have never quite recovered. Half of the stuff that I see people make is quite horrid, reminiscent of 1960s ashtrays. I wandered into a craft shop in town last week and they had loads of glass crafts, underpriced (£3 for a glass snowflake that will involve about an hour of cutting, glueing and swearing) or overpriced (£45 for a tile which required about 30p's worth of glass and a good deal of chutzpah).

Ok, yes you need photos.

Finally, corporate Christmas e-mails. I just sent out my own lovingly purchased Actual Cards, and today have received 3 emails with links to pictures of educational institutions in the snow. No. Just no.

Back to check on my small consumptive.
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