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This is pretty much the usual 'Not Dead' post after apparent absence.


1. I won a baking competition!! Very exciting. It was part of the slightly strange team-building activity surrounding a local conference and I now have a gold medal for services to baking. Raspberry and passion fruit muffins, if you're interested. And even if you're not :-)

2. I bought a kiln and in the time spent not-baking, I have begun to run small experiments in glassmaking. I even have my first commmission, to make some earrings for a stylish and demanding lady who is a colleague of B's, and to that end there is a small consignment of red and pink glass arriving tomorrow.  I also need to improve my photography skillz to try to record what I'm doing - I accidentally made some earrings and a pendant that look like pale acqua moonstone.* I am also mixing glass with silver, embedding beaten silver hoops in slices of glass.

My poor mother-in-law. Once again, this year's Christmas presents will involve wonky crafts.

3. Anyway I have basically turned into a craft bore and have nothing to say of any interest whatsoever. This is all pretty much an escape from Young P's life (avoiding GCSE preparation) and Not So Little E's (there are at least 4 posts I could write about her first term at secondary school - let's just say that we are all doing a awful lot of homework and she is being tested by an educational psychologist in January.

4. I went to a Book Group OMG on Friday and spent two hours discussing Wolf Hall, which was good going given that I'm only 200 pages in.  The Booker judges obviously didn't try to read it 5 pages at a time just before bed, when the stylistic habit of being vague about pronouns means that you end up reading the same 5 pages over and over again.

5. The dog is all right in himself.

*I am not sure you can accidentally make a pendant, but you know what I mean.

Date: 2012-12-10 04:19 pm (UTC)
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That is so exactly how I end up reading for book group. I always turn up going "well I didn't quite finish it". When we discussed it someone provided the useful tip that when she says "he" it's always Cromwell and if there are two people it could possibly be, she says "he, Cromwell," but I'm not entirely convinced and bold groundbreaking stylistic thingies that mean you have to keep counting lines to work out who is speaking are not helpful at midnight when you are shattered.


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