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The last bout of megawork starts tomorrow.

Last week was a blur involving 5 am starts and one 7 am start when I slept in and had to be zoomed to the station by B. (still in his pyjamas).

This week:
- young P. has gone to Poland with the school
- little E goes to Norfolk on Friday

In the meantime, I have been sorting out the bloody Tenner Project aka Junior Apprentice. Children write Powerpoint presentations to beg for money. Children who get first stage funding get £10 each and are allowed to run their sales project. All profits to charity.

But first we must all learn what profit really means.

So I came back on Friday from a truly manic week of high-tech interviewing in London, to find myself Creative Director and Technical Consultant to three eleven year old girls who had decided to make jewellery as their Tenner Project.

Myself and the other 2 mums then spent half the weekend sorting out the details and making the motley collection of beads they had ordered off the internet into something that you wouldn't mind spending a cool £3 on, outside the school gates. (The school gate has a chilling effect upon the amount that anyone is ever willing to spend, ever. £3 outside school is like £10 anywhere else. Unless you are talking about cake). They had bought lots of random wooden beads and leather cord so I masterminded the creation of adjustable friendship bracelets (£1) and little necklaces (£3), and taught everybody how to make magic knots. I spent the Wimbledon Final making bracelets in my office with kids and mums, while we spilled flapjack over everything.

This week: the sales spree. Ten teams selling all sorts of things: brownies, baked goods, strawberries and cream, fresh lemonade, toasted sandwiches...and two stalls selling non-food, ourselves with wholesome necklaces featuring wooden beads in rainbow colours, and the opposition with plastic and nylon monstrosities. Also a miniature nail bar, selling wonky manicures in neon colours.

The kids have been like things possessed. Yesterday, they were hunting down teachers with known weaknesses for shiny things. Today they spied a new and valuable target audience: little girls coming out of Reception with their mums.  Tween sales technique: slip adjustable bracelet onto plump wrist of 5-year old girl. Admire it. Hold breath. Accept money.

£60 made so far and two days to go.

11-year old M: 'We've made £30 profit!!!'
Gloomy academic mum, A (not me). 'Well, as long as you don't count the costs of my labour.'
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