Aug. 17th, 2013

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Back from Abruzzo where we spent 12 very happy days.

Dust is just settling, I've been reading LJ on my phone via agriturismo wi-fi.

I didn't read as much as in previous years, possibly because of trying to improve my Italian.

Wot I did read:

The Cuckoo's Calling  - which needs its own post, but basically I enjoyed it greatly
Gone Girl - sort of ditto, page-turning but at heart bloody annoying
Kiss Me First, by Lottie Moggach - about a somewhat Aspergers girl who agrees to impersonate someone online, to cover up their apparent suicide. Interesting and throws up some good stuff on the reality and unreality of online life
Brat Farrar, by Josephine Tey - I've meant to read this for years, since reading The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart.
Three chapters of Harry Potter E La Pietra Filosofale, on the Kindle with the help of an online dictionary.

I also spent days time on Mumsnet, where I was consumed by various threads including one which has kept my gripped for the past few days. AIBU - parents of fictional children. 'Am I being unreasonable' is a Mumsnet area for, well, canvassing opinions. This particular thread has fictional parents canvassing opinions in Mumsnet style. The Chalet School features heavily. :o).

'AIBU to pick up three baby girls on my travels and give them to my great niece to bring up? Women like babies don't they? She can always put them on the stage to earn their keep.'

Am not quite ready to deal with reality, but the new job allegedly starts on Monday at 9 am. OMG OMG WTF.

*irons all the things*


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